Friday, January 20, 2012


This week we:
~ Pulled the tomato vines out.  They have been in the ground, I believe, one year.  Which means we've nursed them through the summer and through at least 2 frosts.  Their end-of-season bounty was worthy, and I expect to preserve much of what's pictured; probably in sauce form. Practicing good crop rotation (roots, craving potassium, follow fruits), we will put in beet seed, as soon as this plot gets turned over with new compost.
~ Planted two plots. With more Chinese Cabbage, spinach and kale.  I think I've learned that to successfully grow Chinese Cabbage, they need to be way further apart - need lots more room to grow properly.  So, I've interplanted them with spinach which, I surmise, won't crowd the cabbage.  And then, I've planted more kale because it's delicious and nutritious, and everybody's eating it.  Last year, kale was the single longest crop that we harvested; from the end of January (when I finally figured out what it was - seriously, I'd been composting it before then!) to the middle of June. With the planting of these plots, our little farm is all-but stuffed.
~ Harvested first sweet peas. This line of peas were put in September 27. They are, according to the packet, 1 mo. behind schedule for harvest. More testimony to the fact that this is the dormant season and things take 3-4 weeks longer, and that the general information is for other parts of the country.
~ Put up more seed in "nursery". Theoretically, a seedling will be ready to go in the ground as soon as something comes out. Although the flats are not, I don't think, much warmer than ground planting, as we don't, as yet, have a greenhouse or hot box. One advantage is that it takes less cheesecloth to protect the babies from rapacious birds.

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