Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My realtor's going to break up with me !!

You know that feeling in HS when you think your boyfriend's gonna break up with you?  But you won't find out 'til after 5th period?  Crikey, house shopping isn't for sissies.  So we took today off and drove to Chama for a hamburger. 

Chama is a small (but WAY bigger than Abiquiu) town about an hour north of here, way up north by the border with Colorado. And much higher, too - Abiquiu is 6200 elev., Chama is 7800 - so there was snow up there; a lot of snow.  But it's spring, so plenty of mud, too.  We had lunch at Foster's which has been there (under different names \ management) since 1881.  Good burgers.  Great (large!) margaritas.

I keep catching myself out on how different New Mexico is from any place else I've ever lived.  Nobody lives here.  It's quiet, I haven't heard a jet in weeks.  The skies are endless and clear.  The rocks are simply magnificent.  The snow on the way to Chama is a pristine white, for miles and miles.  The people are open, and intelligent.  And nice.  Really, really nice.