Saturday, August 8, 2009

Above: Left = plot already cleaned up & covered w\compost. Right = plot before cleaning \ composting.

L & I came home to - of course - yard work, after being gone for 2 wks. I like this part of the vacation; the taking back of what is yours, claiming your yard again, doing what you like. Amazingly, it has been cool enough to do this, for great parts of the day. Yesterday it only got to 102 w\only 5% humidity, and this a.m. it was cooler outside than in so I had doors open (always my way of telling whether the weather is nice!!!). They are closed now, but I'm still outside, there's a slight breeze & it is lovely. The grass is almost cut (I cut the dead stuff, L's still working on the lush beautiful thick live stuff). The leaves are mostly raked. I took down the last of the cheesecloth from the tomatoes - which are still green??? I could \ should still be watering them ??? We ripped out much of the dead stuff from the plots in front of the toms., and this a.m. I put compost on top of all the raked up leaves there - hoping that the leaves \ compost mixture will turn into a nice loamy dirt which we will then turn under in another month or so. I dug deep enough in the compost pit to find some of that grey stuff L says indicated it's cooked. But, being impatient, I didn't do that for everything - so I'm just hoping whatever I spread around, that is maybe not yet "cool" enough, will continue to cook as \ where it is. We shall see.